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In this post, I will detail just enough lore, so that the two deviations (also featured in this post) start to make sense to people completely unfamiliar with the Homeworld lore.

What better way to start the lore than with the official intro to the game, in the epic voice of no other than Campbell Lane? (May he rest in peace)

Homeworld Game Intro

Then, the actual gameplay starts. You see the beautiful colony ship in the scaffold, undergoing pre-launch procedures, and then launching (with some of the most glorious background music. seriously.)

Mothership Scaffold Launch

Mothership and her Initial Fleet, right after Scaffold Launch
vlc 2015-02-12 11-32-49-37

Some basic system testing is done. Resource systems, construction bay, research drives, etc. They also combat trials are also undertaken, where the basic “Arrow” class scouts are rated on their combat effectiveness.
Once all the tests are completed to the satisfaction of Fleet Intelligence, the Mothership crew is given the greenlight to begin Hyperdrive tests, which involved FTL hyperspace travel to the support vessel “Khar-Selim”, which had spent the last decade or so traveling to the edge of the Kharak System (the planetary system of the desert planet on which the peoples of this game resided).

Schematic Diagram of the Support Vessel

Fleet command mis-jumps, not yet accustomed to the navigational systems of the Mothersip. Fleet intelligence tries to contact Khar Selim over the comms, but only its automated beacon is heard over the comms. A probe is sent to investigate. This is when the newly space faring race of Kushans have first contact with hostiles. Enter the Turanic Raiders.

At first, Fleet command is surprised on being attacked, but the space raiders are met with the competent Kushan navy, which are able to hold back the attacking ships, barely.

Salvage operations are conducted on the remaining part of the support vessel, and the salvage team is attacked yet again, and yet met with Kushan fighters and corvettes. Fleet intelligence locates the enemy carriers, and a better part of the fleet is tasked with destroying the carrier, while a few squadrons remained with the Mothership in a strong defensive posture.

Analysis of the blackbox data retrieved from the ruins of the support vessel doesn’t shed a lot of light on why the attack happened.

After sustaining heavy damage, the enemy carrier retreats away via hyperspace. The kushan fleet wipes up the remainder of the pirate ships, and head on a course back home.

They then make plans to improve their systems.

When the fleet exits hyperspace at Kharak, they are in for a surprise. As the landing page of this blog says. “No one’s left. Everything’s gone. Kharak is burning!”-Karan S’Jet.

We are also shown a part of the fleet which destroyed Kharak.

Taiidan Rears its Ugly Head
Screenshot from 2015-02-13 00:26:56

Taiidani Assault Frigate

At this point in the story, the first deviation fits in. (A pilot POV version of the battle. “She” is Karan S’Jet, Fleet Command)


There is some considerable time gap between the first and the second deviations. Lets just say, that the Kushan fleet ventured somewhere they weren’t welcome. Where no one was welcome…

At this point, I am rather conflicted, as to which video to embed. The classic video, which is what the game used to look like back in ’99, or the remastered video, which is just a preview of the gameplay, and is shiny! I’m just going to post both of them.

Classic Verion

Remastered Gameplay Preview (Watch till the 2:37 mark)

This is when the second deviation comes in.



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  1. Vyom

    What this article is missing is a “Spoiler tag” and a conclusion.
    Plus, maybe also a plea for donation of HW Remastered to you.

    Also, you should sign in to Indiblogger, and start sharing your post there. It’s a social networking for bloggers. Oh wait.. it’s more than just a social network. 😉

    1. Aaruni Post author

      I say “I will tell you lore”. Spoiler alert is implied.

      Nope, no plea. I haz other plans for HW:R.

      Hmm. Indiblogger. Never heard of it before. Will check it out.

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