Shadow of Mordor : The Bright Lord

The Bright Lord if the third DLC for the hit game Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor. It serves as a story expansion pack, putting you in the shoes of the elf Celebrimbor before he met his demise at the hands of the Dark Lord.

The campaign is fun, but a tad bit repetitive, almost exclusively revolving around the ring mechanic.

The good :

  • The new uruk battle gear and armour is really cool : ornate weapons and armour fashioned out of metal. Could’ve used some of that in the base game.
  • Celebrimbor skin and animations are pretty awesome. Much more dodging and acrobatics in the combat animations than Talion.
  • Summoning uruks and then consuming them helps in a pinch, but shows the elf lord to be mighty heartless. Sure they are filthy uruk, but they are your uruk, no ?
  • So many uruks. Harder uruk fights. So much fun!

The bad :

  • Too many uruks (This one is a quirk for my computer. Framerate really tanks a hit in any fight involving more than 10 uruks).
  • Uruk spawning. Really hated that. Uruks can spawn in the middle of the map during missions, which gets real annoying. I understaing having wave endless uruks coming at me, but please have them walk to me from some spot outside my vision zone, don’t have them “teleport” to me just to try and make the game a little harder.
  • The “One Ring” power was fun, slowing time and all, but Uruks react in realtime when you execute them, breaking the immersion.
  • Some missions have the Uruk hordes track you (red arrow on top of uruk) even if they clearly cannot see you, and shouldn’t be able to notice your presence.
  • No slowing time when using bow. This one is more of a personal thing, but it really messed my gameplay that I couldn’t slow down time when using the bow. Maybe with enough time playing this way, I’d get used to this, but I would’ve liked a focus meter. To tie it into the lore, you could make focus drain the one ring power meter.

The Really Bad :

The finale mission!

Take all your branded Uruks to face Sauron? Sweet. Plot twist when Sauron takes control of your war chiefs? Amazing. Sauron resurrects them (you’ve defeated him thrice at this point)? I guess I could deal with that. Sauron being really, really dumb? Deal breaker. All I did was climb up a tower and watch Sauron blow his own war chiefs to smithereens. The game kept spawning branded Uruks, which would get into melee combat with other hostile Uruks and warchiefs, and along comes Sauron with his AoE attack and burns every Uruk there is. A couple rounds of that, and only Sauron was left patrolling the area and shouting menacing stuff at me. After that, just drop in, use the power of the ring, and one of those when fully upgraded is enough to defeat him in playthrough.

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