I feel cold

I had done it. It was over. The last deed of my consciousness had been performed.

It had been some time since I surrendered myself to the various agents of the universe. It had been a moment. Time ceased to have meaning anymore. As I floated away from the world, I felt like I was falling impossibly fast into a chasm infinitely deep.

My life flashed before my eyes. I relived every moment of my life in a single instant : my friends, my family, the city of my childhood, my first fall, my first love, the face of my mother in all her majesty….

Its all gone now. There is only dark. There is cold. Its getting colder. I see a light in the distance. The tiny speck of light is overwhelming. I refuse to be drawn to it. The world around me begins to crumble. I resist. I lash out. I want to scream out as I am buried under the weight of my own collapsing perception.

Drenched in a flood of my own perspiration, I sat upright. It was just past dawn. An infant pink sun was shooting stabs of weak light at my face. The window I had been too lazy to bolt shut had opened sometime during the night. I smiled to myself. Mother did tell me I will be undone by my own laxity.

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