[Bjorn] Journal Entry for Session 12 April 2020

Recap as I missed the previous session

The meeting had begun. Minor world development added by the DM here which did not happen last session.
The party entered the village, and fed themselves. Then, Dave took them to the meeting. Dave addresses the meeting, and welcomes the party in it.
There is a male human named Gorman. He is dressed in plate armor, and carries a greatsword. He is the head of security here.
There is a female half elf name Sarry. She is dressed in shiny tattered clothes. She is the head of administration here.

Dave says “There is good news from our allies. The bandits from the bandit camp infringing on the Goblin territory have been defeated, and the camp has been taken over by the Goblins.”

Dave then moves on to the pressing topic at hand:
“There is depressing news from Karthak. (This guy is supposed to be the head of intelligence. But he is never in town, and no one seems to know what he looks like. I suspect Karthak is just a false name of some other normal looking person.)
-> There has been mass poisoning of animals near the border of Multum (its just another city whose satrap hates our party). We have identified the camp of the people responsible for this. We require the camp to be neutralised.
-> Nirmil (random dude?) went missing a few days ago. He was carrying an important message for the king of Sotri Tu. (People in voice chat kept calling it Sorti Tu, but my map says otherwise). He was last seen entering Sotri Tu before he disappeared.
-> A very important parcen from Tarmir (random town?) lost contact with us. It was last seen leaving Tarmir (when?)
-> Karthak’s men followed a merchant caravan near Markam ( another city whose satrap hates our party). They couldn’t really get a good look of what’s happening at their camp, but its suspicious. We need people to investigate the signs of their activity.

Current day

Today, the party consists of Lindir, Sylphaere, and myself.

==what day is it?==
26/10/85/01/Tazius ? 6th Day of God in the Month of Beginnings in the Season of Bloom in the First Year of the Eighty Fifth Cycle of Lord Tazius ?

We decide to go to Markam to investigate the activity of merchant caravan via Multum to neutralise the camp of animal poisoners. We persuade Gorman to send one of his men with us to Multum. (Persuasion: 5 | 7 [fail]). (Sylphaere Persusaion: 20 [success]).

Sarry offered a personal gift to anyone from the party willing to avail it. She has been inviting. Suspiciously inviting. That, coupled with her clothing, makes it too obvious what she wants us to think. I suspect she means something different from what she is letting on.

Karthak’s men decide to tackle the other two problems from the report. While we work on that, the meeting agrees to resend the message to the king of Sahiya.

======I took a food break here, so this part is from memory===

As everyone else leaves, Sarry invites the party to spend some more time with her in the meeting house. Lindir opens up a bottle of weak wine (DC: 12) and gives it to Sarry. She’s inebriated (Constitution saving throw: 6). I ask for the bottle and take a swig. I do not feel the affects of alcohol at all (Constitution saving throw: 18). Lindir finishes the last of the wine. The alcohol does not hit (Constitution saving throw: 15).

Sarry lets us know that the camp near Multum is poorly guarded, but the party must not underestimate the people in the camp. Sarry also tells us that the merchant activity near Markum is difficult, and she thinks we should not have signed up for that.

She makes the offer of gifts at her house again. This is fishy. I shall pay her a visit to learn more about this tonight.

After the drinks, Sarry takes us to the residential areas. She shows us her house. Then she takes us to our place. There is no lock on the door. The house is made up of just one room. There are 4 beds grown out of the wall. They have jute webbing, and a mattress. There is a table grown out of the wall which can be used a study. There is a dinner table, which is a bunch of roots growing out of the earth in the middle of the room, with a wooden desktop on it. There is a chair near the study, and 4 chairs near the dinner table which can be moved. The ground is just earth.

Sarry tells us to collect supplies from the village market the next day, and then come to the meeting house. As Sarry leaves, Lindir gets to work on his wooden project, and Sylphaere goes to practice her violin.

This is the part where I left for a “walk”

I take a roundabout and stealthy route to Sarry’s house (Stealth: 9 | Perception: 5). I think I arrive there unnoticed. I knock on the door. Sarry answers the door in her undergarments. She invites me into her house to talk.
When we start talking, she informs me that this organization knows of my affiliation to the satrap of Vellum, and that they intercepted my reports to the satrap of vellum in the hands of the bandit whose life I saved upon the oath of combat.
I point out that all my reports are outdated, so as to continue building trust, while providing useless information about the party. She tells me that the satrap can never know of the existence of this village. (Personally, I think we can tell them a false location of the village to ambush them, but perhaps the party is too weak to start making such gambits yet). I ask her if someone from this organization wants the satrap of Vellum to believe something so I can send them that misinformation. She tells me she will confer with the other heads and let me know the next day.

After I was done with the important business of the day, the curiosity of her gift struck me, and I asked Sarry about it. She offered me an opportunity to “warm her cold bed with her”. It appears that things really are how they seem sometimes. Or perhaps the real gift will make itself apparent after the act. Either way, I turned down the offer this time, citing reasons of rest and quest. Perhaps this is a door I can enter later, to see if what lies at the end of the tunnel is the same thing as advertised.

After I exit Sarry’s house, I take another roundabout way back to our place of residence. I still think I am unnoticed (DM didn’t allow me to roll for stealth or perception again). When I return, Sylphaere was already back. Lindir used his skills to fortify the doors and windows of the house. I slept in my bedroll near the door, as it swung inside to open, and I could block it by sleeping there. The night passes without incident.

==next day=

We wake up. Sylphaere talks to the puppy we have (she found out its name, and that its mother is dead, but for some reason, didn’t ask its gender, and its species. Oh well). In the meantime, Lindir and I go to the common toilets to relieve ourselves.

Once we’re back, we also feed the pup (Progressio) some attention. Then we head to the market. There are 7 shops.

I sell off the loot from our bandit encounter. I buy scale mail from Lindir for 26 GP. I lend him another 1 GP for 0 interest for his purchases.

==Session ends here=

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