[Bjorn] Journal Entry for Session 19 April 2020

The date is 27/10/85/01/Tazius

Sylph comes back from bathing. I give her her portion of the money from selling the loot.

We go to the tavern for breakfast. I enjoy Coarse Rye Bread, Gnome Yogurt, and 2 pitchers of tap beer. I don’t even feel the alcohol. I’m impervious to the lingering smoke from weed as well (Constitution saving throw 16). The breakfast is sponsored by Sylph, who decides to perform in the tavern.

Lindir buys some wine and some weed, and also gets a little high with the tavern keeper. (Constitution saving throw 4 | Required 19).

We head to the meeting house. There are 5 people wearing a fawx mask standing guard outside the meeting house. Inside the meeting house, there is Sarry (what is she wearing today?), and one man with a mask which looks like :O.

Sarry asks why we were so late. I answer from behind Sylph, that we had gone to the tavern to eat. Sarry introduces the masked man as Dorgann. He is experienced in brutality. Dorgann is wearing chainmail. He carries with him a longsword and a shield. He stands stiffly. He is of an average height of 6’1″. He is a humanoid of unknown race.

Sarry explains the map to us. Karthak’s men are supposed to meet us on approach to the camp. If things go wrong, Karthak’s men will meet us with updates on a new location which is also marked on the map. Lindir copies the map.

Sarry also mentions that there is a woodworker in the industrial section of the village.

As we start to leave, Sarry suddenly gets up. We stop and look at her. Sarry comes up to me, takes my hand in her hand, and says “Be safe, I’ll be waiting for you”.

The note reads : Don't let them know the position of the town. Say that you were brought in blindfolded. Say that you overhead David saying that the child was taken to Hoa Quag. When you tried to inquire which child they were talking about, they said that you must have misheard.

We leave the meeting house. Dorgann stops following us and tells us to meet him at the assembly ground. He turns around to address the people in the fawx mask. They stand in attention upon his address.

We meet Dorgann at the assembly ground some time later, and set out on our path. Galadriel leads the path (Survival Check 21). Dorgann clears the path (Athletics Check 11). I forage for provisions, but find nothing (Risky Survival Check 7). (What were Lindir and Sylph doing?)

We walk for 8 hours, and cover 46.67 km, around 1/3rd of the way to our destination.

We come to a kind of a clearing. We are surrounded by trees which are no longer tropical deciduous, but are not temperate deciduous. We make camp.

We roast and eat the food we foraged during the march.

As we are making the beds, Lindir alerts us that someone is coming. I ready my greataxe and javelin for combat.

The people which show up say they are from Multum, under the orders of the Satrap. They are here to purge the forest people. I try to stall them in conversation and have them leave us in peace (should I have gotten an influence point here?). They say something to make Dorgann charge at them in combat. We enter combat to support Dorgan. I gain an influence point for targeting the person attacking Sylph.

We knock out one bandit, and kill the rest.

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