Smart Your Home

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Aaruni Kaushik

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them Last summer, I decided to thrust upon my parents’ house the greatness of being a smart home. I gifted them a tasmota enabled bulb I bought from Athom, and an old laptop to act as a home server. The idea was simple : start with just a single smart device at home, and see if I can expand into the complete experience without my folks complaining too much.

Make Good Passphrases

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Aaruni Kaushik

Passwhat? Passwords are a thing of the past. Passphrases are are the new thing. But what are passphrases? A passphrase is a long password, typically 15 or more letters, which are just many words which make sense to you, in an arrangement which is memorable to you. There is no need to concoct short strings of gibberish, which are easy to forget, and may not even be that difficult for a computer to crack!

The WhatsApp Situation

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Aaruni Kaushik

This post is inspired by WhatsApp’s updated Terms of Service on 4th Jaunary 2020 tl;dr Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 claiming that the acquisition is out of ambitions leading to the the improvement of the whole web, and promising that WhatsApp will continue to function independently of Facebook and will never share user data with Facebook. (A lie). In 2017, Acton quit Facebook citing disputes over privacy and monetization of WhatsApp.

Unboxing the Lemur Pro

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Aaruni Kaushik

Recently, I was able to get my hands on a shiny new Lemur Pro from System76. The unboxing experience was novel. Certainly a breath of fresh air. The insides of the box has a grid, and some fun doodles on it, with some encouragement to flatten it out and take it forward. The packaging used inside the box is really clever. Things are fixed to a cardboard scaffold using some plastic, which are held in place when things are folded the right way, and slide right out when you open up the scaffolding.

Aaruni Kaushik

Some time in early September, I came across this tweet by a Michael Dominick, on the Jupiter Broadcasting telegram group. Now, I’m not generally into visual design. I live my life in boring old cinnamon with a conky on top. And I haven’t changed this in almost half a decade now. But when the incentive is a Lemur Pro, I can be flexible. After double checking that the offer applied to me in Germany as well, I started poking around in gnome-shell theming.

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